Tuesday, July 21, 2015

21 Day Fix - Day 1

The Plan For the Day!

Breakfast:  Shake with milk and banana (Red, Yellow, Purple)
Snack:  Mixed Vegetables (1/2 Green)
Lunch:  Ham Roll Ups, Hard Boiled Egg, Celery and Peanut Butter (Red, 1/2 Green, Spoon)
Snack:  Cherries (Purple)
Dinner:  Lasagna Roll Ups & Salad (Red, 2 Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange)
Dessert:  Cheesecake & Peanut Butter (Red, Spoon)
Water Bottle:  4 cup water bottle (infused with Kiwi and Orange); 4 cup water bottle (infused with Strawberries & Blueberries)
Workouts:  Total Body Cardio Fix and a 30 Min Walk.

Did I Stick to the Plan?

Breakfast:  6:30 AM Protein Shake with milk and half a frozen banana.

Morning Snack:  Skipped because I was in meetings all morning. (Will save in case I am hungry later)

Lunch:  12:15 PM Ham Roll Ups (these were stuffed with mixed greens and red pepper), hard boiled egg, celery and peanut butter, 4 cherry tomatoes!  Picture is included below!

Afternoon Snack:  Again I missed this as I was busy at work - will save for later!

Dinner:  Lasagna Roll Ups & Salad. Over the last year I have been enjoying this Skinnytaste Lasagna Roll Ups recipe I found online.  In searching for 21 day fix approved meals I came across Chanin Mettey's 21 day fix version which was really similar!  I basically used Chanin's methods and adapted the Skinnytaste recipe in an effort to come up with our meal for tonight that is pictured below.

Dessert:  During the planning process I had a Red container and a Spoon left so I did a little internet searching and found a Cheesecake recipe  the plan was to add a teaspoon of peanut butter to it however since I did not eat my other fruit during the day I ended up with some Blueberries & Strawberries on it!. Since there was a whole cake to bake you will see it appear again later in the week!
Water:  I managed to chug back both of the 4 cup infused water bottles.  Last night before going to bed I placed the fruit in the bottom of the jug and smashed it up with a wooden spoon then filled the jugs with water and let it soak in the fridge overnight - I poured them into the water bottles and I was all set for some tasty water for the day! Both water bottles were finished by 7pm!


Workouts:  Today's Workout is

I completed the workout at around 5:30 pm and am sure I will be sore tomorrow but it will all be worth it!  I so struggled with the frog crunches!

I also completed a 30 min walk down the road and back around 8:00 pm!

All in all I would say it has been a good first day!  I ended up with a Green and a Spoon left for containers at the end of the day.